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Cayman Islands Watersports You Should Consider

Holiday making in the Cayman Islands is usually characterized with a lot of fun owing to the ever soothing aura islands and the enchanting Caribbean Islands lifestyle. For starters, the tropical weather never disappoints in as far as creating a conducive climate for relaxing. The island is filled with numerous leisure activities, the vast majority being water related.

With this in mind, we are going to explore the variety of watersports that every holidaymaker in the Cayman Islands should try.

#1. Jet skiing �” As one of the most popular watersports in the Caribbean, jet skiing is a must-try watersport. For starters, jet skiing in the warm weather is a fun experience. Secondly, it does not take a great deal of training to master how to use the skis, regardless of the particular brands you are using. Whether you are using a Sea-Doo, a Jet Ski, or a Waverunner rental, you can master its usage quite fast. Popular jet ski spots include Grand Cayman and George Town.
#2. Kayaking �” For lot looking to explore the marine ecosystem in the Cayman Islands while engaging in a watersport, kayaking is the ultimate watersport choice. There many kayaking operators for your choose from. Importantly, there are several designs of kayaks, the vast majority of them being multi-user kayaks for you to enjoy in groups of two to four people.

#3. Boating �” Much the same as sailing, there are numerous opportunities for boating in the Cayman Islands. Being home to boat making brands such as Caymanians, you can rest easy that your boating needs and expectations will be met in this part of the Caribbeans.

#4. Fishing �” Fishing is an integral part of these islands. In fact, fishing has long been considered as the unofficial national sport. More importantly, fishing (be it fly fishing, reef fishing, boat fishing, shore fishing) in the Caymans gives you an opportunity to catch highly prized game fish, including blue marlins, barracudas, and wahoos.

#5. Sailing �” The Cayman Islands have a long history in sailing. Even today, there is an enduring sailing heritage and thriving community of sailors. If you are interested in a sailing experience there is plenty of opportunity for you.

#6. Parasailing �” Strictly speaking, parasailing is not a watersport. However, it is water related and fun to engage in. There are venues that providing parasailing since it is quite popular in the Cayman Islands. Such venues include George Town.

Other watersports options worth exploring include Jetblading, paddleboarding, and kitesurfing.

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